Duratran Backlit Light Box Print

The perfect print for the perfect LED Light Box Frame.  If you are in need of a print for your LED Frame, we have the ability to take your high resolution file(s) & print them to any size on our LED Frame translucent graphic medium.

  • Wedding pictures
  • Baby pictures
  • Custom Business Advertisement Graphics
  • Photography
  • Digital art media
  • Graphics
  • Promotional graphics

Duratrans Backlit film is an emulsified polyester media laser-exposed at 4000 dpi, the highest dot resolution available in the large format print media industry, and photochemically developed using state-of-the-art  halide process, which delivers a broad & brilliant color spectrum (with inks you are limited), and a black opacity (Dmax) that's unique in print media, even in 2018.

The golden standard for Backlit media, Duratran Film is truly 2nd to none when it comes to quality illumination and display. Glowbox LLC is proud to present our printing house as the world’s marquee source for quality Duratrans Backlit prints, with our "treat you like family" customer service and economic pricing, we offer each customer with the ability to illuminate whatever you can imagine.  

24x36: $60

27x40: $65

27x41: $70

Please give us a call or email us for other dimensions, we will provide a fast free quote.  Please provide us with your high resolution file to ledprintco@mail.com, along with your desired dimensions & your address for shipping, then we will coordinate with you & send your invoice.

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